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9 Laurier, , , , V0J 2C0

Telephone(250) 997-5446

Maitri Park,chembur, , , , 400071

Makindu Sikh Temple

Po Box : 43 Mombasa Road, , , 90138

Sikh Temple Makindu is located about 100 miles (160km) from Nairobi on the main Nairobi to Mombasa Road. It was built in 1926 by the Sikhs who were wo ...

Category:Other Regions

10 Parkhill Road, , , , B3P 1R3

Category:Nova Scotia
Telephone(902) 477-0008

Singh Gaon, Chaparmukh, ,

Gurudwara Mataji in chaparmukh is a second historical Guruduwa in assam.(INDIA). It has estab. in 1820AD. All functions of GuRuparabs & speciallia ...

Mazar  Rai Bular at Nankana Sahib

Nankana Sahib, ,

There is a ruin in the locality behind the Janamasthan of Jagat Guru at Nankana. This ruin is known as Dhaular Thia. On it is the grave of the person ...

Gujrat City, ,

The mazar of Hazrat Shah Daula in Gujrat city is a very, big shrine of Muslims. It is located outside the old town. He was a descendent of Ibrahim Lod ...

Mazar of Hazrat Hamza Ghaus at Sialkot City

Mohalla Baba Bair, , ,

A small graveyard is located at a distance of about 400 meters from Gurdwara Baba Bair Sahib inside Mohalla Baba Bair. There are two graves on a raise ...

Mazar Sain Mian Mir ji at Lahore

Lahore, ,

Sain Mian Mir Ji, whose real name was Mir Mohammad, was popularly called Mian Mir. He was born at Sevastan (Sindh) in 1531 AD. He spent most of his li ...

2190 Granite Ave, , , , V0K 2B0

Telephone(604) 378 2445

1343 Panola Cv, , , , 38017

Telephone(731) 285-9004

6834 Pflumm Rd, , , , 66216

Telephone(913) 631-5947

204 E Main St, , , , 1757

Telephone(508) 478-2469

32086 Lougheed Highway, , , , V2V 1A4

Telephone(604) 820-1344
Morogoro Gurdwara

Station Road Street,, ,

Morogoro Gurdwara Sikh Temple Morogoro. �Station Road street, �P.O.Box 396, �Morogoro,Tanzania, Mukh Sewadar:� Baldev Singh Cell:+255 7 ...

Moscow Gurdwara Committee

Malaya Filovskaya Building 30-1-61, , , 121433

Telephone(095) 146 27 12, (095) 765 91 45
Mwanza Gurdwara

Plot No: 215 Block T,, ,

Mwanza Gurdwara Mukh Sewadar:� Manjit Singh Cell:+255 784 701 701, Email: � � �Secretary:� Sarabjit Singh Emai ...

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